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Bruce Willis will continue to act in future projects, in the form of a deepfake

Although Bruce Willis announced that he will be retiring from his acting career following a diagnosis of aphasia earlier this year, the actor reportedly sold his rights to allow a sanctioned fake “digital twin” to live and act in future projects. According to The TelegraphWillis, whose neurological disease limits speech and speech understanding, has become the first Hollywood star to sell his rights to allow upcoming performances without ever setting foot on a set.

Willis has been “hired” by an American firm deep cake, whose website has posted a statement from Willis that reads in part: “It’s a great opportunity for me to go back in time… With the advent of modern technology, I was able to communicate, work and participate in filming, even while in another continent”. .” Willis’ image will be used for future films, advertising and other projects.

Deepcake engineers created the “digital twin” from the content of Die Hard and Fifth Element, when Willis was 32 and 42 years old, respectively. The Willis estate has final approval of any project. He can see for himself what this idea looks like in an ad that was released last year for Megafon, Russia’s third-largest telecoms operator. Willis’s face was changed to that of actor Konstantin Solovyov.

This technology, perhaps once considered a sci-fi dream less than a decade ago, has quickly become a reality that is already here. Earlier this year, actor James Earl Jones announced he would be “taking a step back” as the voice of Darth Vader, making way for an artificial intelligence program to take on the role, even as he has a contract in place to ensure he will be. Darth Vader literally forever. . The Star Wars franchise in particular has long dabbled with this technology, including digital versions of the young Mark Hamill in The Book of Boba Fett, and both Carrie Fisher and Peter Cushing appearing in Star Wars: Rogue One, despite the fact that both are dead. .

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