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DALL-E Imager is now open to everyone

Enlarge / A work of art created with OpenAI’s DALL-E imager.

open AI

If you’ve been itching to try OpenAI’s image synthesis tool but been hampered by the lack of an invite, now’s your chance. Today, OpenAI Announced which eliminated the waiting list for its DALL-E AI imager service. That means anyone can register and use it.

DALL-E is a deep learning image synthesis model that has been trained on hundreds of millions of images pulled from the internet. It uses a technique called latent diffusion learn associations between words and pictures. As a result, DALL-E users can write a text description, called a notice, and have it visually rendered as a 1024 × 1024 pixel image in almost any art style.

Aside from image-to-text rendering, DALL-E also includes a feature called “Painting Exterior” that allows you to load an image and enlarge its borders through image synthesis. You can also merge several photos into one, generating a visual bridge between them, merging styles.

A DALL-E example of
Enlarge / A DALL-E example of “An Astronaut Riding a Horse”.

open AI

OpenAI announced previous version of DALL-E in January 2021 with amazing capabilities but obvious limitations. In April of this year it was released DALLE-2, which wowed a limited test audience of 200 researchers with its ability to generate near-photorealistic images and mimic artists’ styles. After gradually opening up to more users and instituting a pricing model in July, more than 1.5 million users worldwide now use DALL-E (renamed DALL-E 2) to create more than 2 million images per day. according to to OpenAI.

DALL-E is a commercial service and comes with some significant limitations. New users get 50 free credits and you can buy credits in groups of 115 for $15 each. Images generated with DALL-E are the property of OpenAI, but the company grants users exclusive rights to “play and show“Your generations as long as they comply with the content policy. Content violations will revoke your right to legally use the generated images.

Previously, we reported extensively on Stable Diffusion, which is an open source (and competitor) image model similar to DALL-E created by Stability AI. For the past month, Stable Diffusion has been available with few restrictions through open source channels and its own commercial website. Now that DALL-E is open to all, the competition between image synthesis models likely to get hot.


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